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Josh and I are getting married in July and moving into a new apartment in August.  I’m so excited to move, and as wedding gifts begin to arrive from our amazing, sweet friends and family, a bigger apartment is becoming a necessity and not just a luxury.  The new place has lots of large windows for natural light, which Laika is pretty happy about since she loves to sunbathe indoors.  I find myself daydreaming often about what our new space will look like, and here are some of my thoughts.  What do you think?


mint couch

natural lights


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Rose & Fitzgerald


I can’t stop browsing Rose & Fitzgerald’s home section. What beautifully crafted items!  We are getting married in July and moving to a new place in August, and I’ve been adding all of these treasures to our list. is also just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s like Pinterest for your registry.  You can literally add anything from the Internet.  Makes our lives so much easier!

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