Genetic Denim Boyfriend Jeans

Lately, the weather here in Ann Arbor has been pretty great. It’s cool in the morning and the evening, but still really nice and sunny during the day. It’s perfect for walks through the neighborhood, eating outside, and sleeping with the windows open. The transitional weather calls for some new fall clothes, and I for one am thrilled. I love summer more than any other season, but fall apparel is definitely the best. New jeans, sweaters, and leather pieces do a lot to help me get over the winding down of my favorite season.

What I’m Wearing: Sweater – 525 America from V2V, Boyfriend Jeans – Genetic Denim from V2V, Boots – Stylemint, Clutch – Hobo from V2V, Bracelet – Maslo Jewelry from V2V, SunglassesRay Ban

Hobo Clutch

Ray Bans

Maslo Jewelry Bracelet

Photos by Erin Marie Miller


American Apparel

Nothing says summer like white denim. These boyfriend Jeans by Kut from the Kloth are so comfortable and cute, and they can be worn with almost any top. Just throw on some sandals to complete your look, and you’re set for any summer day.

What I’m Wearing: Boyfriend Jeans – Kut from the Kloth from V2V, TeeAmerican Apparel, Sandals – Madewell, Bag – Hobo from V2V, Sunglasses (My husband’s*) – Ray Ban

*Yes, as of last Saturday, I have a husband. My partner in crime for nine years and I are now finally legal.

Kut Jeans

Photographed by Erin Marie Miller { www.erin-miller.com }

Photographed by Erin Marie Miller { www.erin-miller.com }

All Photos by Erin Marie Miller