Oh Hey, Little Guy!


So this was originally going to be two separate blog posts, a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot, but someone decided to surprise us and arrive a month early, just a few days after these first photos were taken. Hank was born almost two months ago and was completely healthy despite his premature arrival. He’s amazing and is already starting to develop a personality. He wants to eat constantly, especially in the middle of the night, screams bloody murder every time we change his diaper, and he’s recently learned to pull out little fistfuls of my hair. That said, we are completely in love and wouldn’t change a thing about him. Welcome to the world, little man. You’ll never know how much you are loved.














All Photos by Heather Nash

Pastorale Magazine II

Willys Detroit

It’s harder than you’d think to find quality garments made in the US, but it seems that more and more business are tuning into what their customers want and investing is great brands that are made in America. Willys Detroit is one of these businesses. With labels like Steven Alan, Filson, and Imogene + Willie, this expertly curated shop offers stylish wardrobes to both men and women. Willys was nice enough to let me run around like a kid in a candy shop in their store to pull pieces for another editorial for Pastorale Magazine, this time for a men’s shoot. This was actually my first time styling for a men’s fashion piece, and I was a little nervous, but with awesome ties and pocket squares by Hillside and bags by Filson, I quickly became more excited about menswear and accessories than nervous. It was so much fun to step out of my comfort zone on this project. Thank you so much to photographer, Erin Marie Miller, model, Ryan Keesecker, Pastorale Magazine, and of course, Willys Detroit!

Weather Shirt by Steven Alan

Jacket Shirt by Filson

Backpack by Filson

The Wilkins Jacket by Imogene + Willie


Alternative Maxi Dress

Erin and I went to Detroit’s Eastern Market on a chilly day in March, and although it was pretty cold and that Erin also may or may not have gotten into a road rage related argument with a large man, we had a great time!  I got jam, so there’s that.  I also got to wear my new Alternative maxi dress, so all in all, I would say that day was a win.

 What I’m Wearing: Dress – Alternative Apparel from V2V, Jean Jacket – Thrifted, BeltAmerican Apparel, Boots – Seychelles, Purse – Hobo from V2V, Necklace – Roost from V2V, Bracelet – Maslo from V2V

American Apparel

Maxi Dress


All Photos by Erin Marie Miller