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Coincidentally, while Heather Nash and I were shooting with Lauren at Dear Golden, we ran into Heather Anne Leavitt while she was trying on the most adorable dress at the shop (pictured on Heather above).  A light bulb went on in my brain box, and I half screamed, “You have to be my next blog interview!”  Thankfully, Heather seemed not at all terrified by my awkward aggressiveness, and she politely agreed and even seemed a bit excited!  She invited Heather Nash and me to her bakeshop, Sweet Heather Anne, and let us sample some delicious treats while we discussed wedding trends, fun things to do in Ann Arbor, and finding genuine connections via Tinder and Twitter.  Read on to see my interview with Heather!

Be honest.  Is cake your favorite food?

 No… it’s not even my favorite dessert.  When it comes to dessert, I love a buttery, sweet cream biscuit.  It’s even better with whipped cream and fresh berries.  I also can’t get enough of our Mexican Shortbread cookies.  And, well, cookie dough in general is a bit of a problem.

 Do you have an all time favorite cake that you’ve made?

 I do.  We were asked to make a cake for the renaming ceremony of the Stamps School of Art and Design last year.  My art school thesis involved creating cakes as edible monuments to local farmers and food producers.  As a local food producer, it was incredibly meaningful to have the opportunity to create an edible monument to Penny Stamps and the art school.  I felt like I’d really come full circle.

I’m also relatively partial to the sculpted Einstein bust that we made for the cast of Einstein on the Beach.

 What is the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever incorporated into one of your creations?

 When I was in art school I made a chocolate beet cake.  It was actually pretty delicious.

 I know you went to The University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design.  Before you began working in food, what was your concentration/favorite medium?

 I love working in three dimensions.  I was focusing on industrial design, ceramics, and figurative sculpture before the foray into food took over my art making.

 You obviously have great style.  What’s your favorite piece of clothing you’ve purchased recently?

 I’m in love with this beautiful, green, 1930’s necklace with brass flowers from Dear Golden in downtown Ann Arbor.  It was a 30th birthday gift.  To myself.

 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

 Wow, that’s so difficult.  Part of me wants to move back to Florence (where I studied abroad in college), but I’m afraid that the city may not have the same effect on me now as it did when I was a wide-eyed, malleable 21 year old.  I love cities like San Francisco and Portland.  But truth be told, I kind of love it here, too.

 What advice would you give to those who want to open their own unique businesses?

 When it comes time to hire staff, think about what you love, and what you’re best at, and hire people to do everything but that.  A lesson I learned the hard way.

 What are the three most important things in your medicine cabinet?

 Burn cream, band-aids, and dental floss.  Baking is full of hazards.









All Photos by Heather Nash

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