Alternative Maxi Dress

Erin and I went to Detroit’s Eastern Market on a chilly day in March, and although it was pretty cold and that Erin also may or may not have gotten into a road rage related argument with a large man, we had a great time!  I got jam, so there’s that.  I also got to wear my new Alternative maxi dress, so all in all, I would say that day was a win.

 What I’m Wearing: Dress – Alternative Apparel from V2V, Jean Jacket – Thrifted, BeltAmerican Apparel, Boots – Seychelles, Purse – Hobo from V2V, Necklace – Roost from V2V, Bracelet – Maslo from V2V

American Apparel

Maxi Dress


All Photos by Erin Marie Miller

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