A “Wearing” With Friends


I have the most talented friends.  We of course all know Erin takes amazing photos.  I also count an editor of one the most popular shopping and lifestyle blogs, a principal graphic designer, a jewelry designer and small business owner, and what can only be described as a rock star among my closest friends.  Here are two more ridiculously talented artists I had the pleasure of enjoying drinks with at Motor Bar in Detroit a little while ago.

Alexis is a digital producer at Skidmore Studio and freelance designer.  She’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and is always brimming with ideas that no one else would think of.   It truly seems that nothing is impossible for her.  She also happens to be a great person to go to when I need to vent about any personal problem.

Alexander, A.K.A. Greater Alexander, is a Detroit-based indie-folk artist.  He almost seems like the next coming of Paul Simon, yet he manages to still evoke a genuine uniqueness in his music.  Listen for yourself here.

Yep, everyone I hang out with is super-talented, and I wear jumpsuits and write about it 😉

What I’m Wearing: JumpsuitLilka (from Anthropologie), Shoes – Dolce Vita, Bracelets – Maslo (from V2V)

Motor Bar


Greater Alexander

Whiskey Cocktails

Graphic Designer






All Photos by Erin Marie Miller

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