Madewell Overalls

Who in Detroit doesn’t love a trip to Astro Coffee?  The food and drink are made with such attention to detail, the staff is always really chill, and they’re always playing the best new (or old) interesting music.  Plus, you’re guaranteed at least 20 likes on Instagram if you add your latte art to your photo map.  Also, that was the most “2014” sentence I’ve ever written.

What I’m Wearing: OverallsMadewell, Crop TopAmerican Apparel, FlannelMadewell, Cut Out Boots – Aldo, Bracelets – Maslo (available at V2V Ann Arbor), RingsMadewell (except for my engagement ring, which is from an antique shop in Connecticut I’m told :))

Madewell Flannel Shirt

American Apparel



Madewell Jewelry

Astro Coffee

Photos by my girl, Erin Marie Miller

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