See by Chloé

Nellie leather duffle bag

Lately my sense of style has been evolving.  Obviously, this is a natural part of growing up.  As we women in our twenties grow from desperately grabbing at every passing trend to settling into a more sophisticated style, we learn that leggings are not pants, our sunglasses don’t have to take over our faces à la Mary Kate Olsen, and underbutt is NOT the new cleavage.  I’ve recently been drawn to classic yet still contemporary pieces, and that includes purses, specifically, these by See by Chloé.  If only I could actually afford these bags.  Do people ever register for purses when they get married?

Daisie textured-leather duffle bag

Daisie textured-leather duffle bag

Nellie color-block leather tote

Nellie color-block leather tote

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